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The point of that story is, if you want to get into my pants, talk about how much you love Regal Bryant

Tim’s Kawaii life

Went on a date with Glenn yesterday. It was pretty nice. We went to Gamestop after dinner and talked about games and got all excited about SNES RPGs and Earthbound and SMRPG and Glenn went on a lot about Chrono Trigger (which I guess I still gotta play) and also FF7 which now I finally understand the impact of Aerith’s death in the game. I didn’t know she was actually a character in your party so that actually blew my mind. I wish I had played FF7 when everyone else did! Anyway, that’s not the point. 

Every time we agreed on something he gave me a big fat smooch on my face or on my head or on my cheek or on my lips and it was pretty gross in a PDA sort of way but also kind of nice. 

My favorite part was when he told me that Regal was his favorite character in Tales of Symphonia. We were in the car and I nearly crashed because I got so excited by this. Regal IS the best character in the game. Someone else finally understands that. Bless.

“Ohhh…. That body….”

—   My friend Peter on Captain America: The Winter Soldier

my heart stirs a lot when I think of earthbound. Holy shit I can’t even describe ho much I fuckin love this game.




i…. i want to play it again…….

Fanime’s gonna be like a reunion episode of a well beloved show because all my friends got in and it feels like forever since I’ve seen all my fun art friends iN ONE GOTDAMN PLACEEee

oh god yes im so freakin glad IM SO GLAD

oh yeah also I got in too I know you guys were worried but fret not

Kiss kiss good nighty

Tiny Teacher Things

  • After a teacher meeting thing we had to go to right after school (to me extreme and sleep-deprived regret), Hot Teacher told me very kindly and tenderly (is how I choose to interpret it) to “get a lot of rest” today. Oh, Hot Teacher. Your overwhelming warmth makes me want to follow you into the depths of hell, or else shred my fingers to the bone climbing after you to the heavenly mountains that you so rightly deserve to athrone. 
  • Many many years from now when I am a wizened and tenured and professional do-it-all teacher, I will still remember fondly the absolutely brilliant idea to show Psycho to my seniors. I wish I could film today because their reactions, everything from “damn she a stupid bitch” to “GASPPP Oh MAN HE KILLS HER HES THE PSYCHO” was comedy and academic gold. I can’t even describe how fun it was to see them so into it. I hope the ending just utterly blows their minds. I’m so excited to finish the movie with them. SO EXCITED. YAY TEACHING. YAY MOVIES. 

Anonymous asked: Everything about you is really fucking adorable. It's a shame we live continents away.

I…………………………………………….. O////O


Anonymous asked: how much do you love your dad?

I love and respect my Dad a ton. I can’t say I’m super affectionate or even really open about my feelings towards my parents (idk it’s just something I’m weird about, I guess), but I can very, very easily say that my dad is probably one of the men I respect the most out of anyone else in the planet. He’s the definition of “started from the bottom.” He’s the ultimate badass and has everything under his belt from kung-fu college stories to romancing the shit out of the ladies and breaking a million hearts. At age 60 he runs marathons and his home remedy for a cold, AIDS, depression, and a broken arm is to run 10 miles. 

I want to do so much for him to make all of his work and grit worth it. Something substantial. One day I want to buy him a trip to Base Camp of Mount Everest because he idolizes that mountain and the legend that it is and I want more than anything to give him a taste of that greatness because it’s only a fraction of the greatness that he’s shown me. 

im gonna pass out

An hour till my shuttle whisks me off to the airport. I got like an hour and a half of sleep, I only have coffee and a poptart in my system right now, and I’m pretty sure I’ve strained my neck/shoulder somewhat but

holy cocks I got everything I needed to get done, done. 

I am triumphant

I am amaze


College has prepared me well for this life

all right i’m outies see you guys at Kawaii Kon!!!!!!! 

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