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Check back when I am in a more poignant mood and maybe something interesting will be here then.
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Supercon 2014 came and went and I had an amazing time. Running around in different cosplays and selling prints, not mention buying loads of art and figures. I bought these glass and black leather potion bottles which I shall be adding lights and colored water to. I guess I wanted to add a more personal spin on Jace’s outfit, it would make sense for him to have pouches and stuff on him. 

This was on Saturday, all photos taken by:

These are all just jpeg format ripped off Facebook so they may not be the best quality. When I get the higher quality versions I either post em up or edit this post. 

idk what happened but the notes on this post keep fluctuating, they go up then suddenly it loses a bunch then some of them come back. Its almost like Tumblr made it 2 separate posts but when I check, its only the one. 

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Anonymous said: What's your most expensive magic card?

I want to say Geist of Saint Traft? I got him in a draft once. It was my first time and the dudes were super nice to me and gave it to me at the end. SHRUGS

It’s probably between him and Chandra, Pyromancer

I guess they’re pretty cool but not even a black lotus could fill the Worldspine Wurm and Domri Rade shaped voids in my heart (shut up I know I can just buy them but that’s not the point this needs to happen THROUGH DESTINY)

Guys ral zarek is really handsome I’m not kidding #mtg #planeswalkers #ralzarek #izzet

at least my dice looked cool

Just got back from a Dragon’s Maze Prerelease! \o/ it was pretty fun and I pulled some fucking sweet cards (PRIME SPEAKER ZEGANA MORE LIKE FINE WAIFU ZEGANA). Also I guess some really baller players chose Simic because we ended up getting to Maze’s End first despite my unholy and spectacular 0-4 losing streak. Aha. Hahah. Haaaaaaahhhhhh.

At some point I think a lady at her bachelorette party came in on what was probably a dare and serenaded the store, which was literally 99% male at the time and it was kind of hilarious, if not painfully awkward for the deadpan silence that she was received with. It wasn’t even a “holy shit it’s a girl” feeling, like you could tell every single dude knew that’s what she was expecting them to think, but they were having none of it. I didn’t see their faces from guffawing on my own in my little corner but I’m pretty sure “please leave” was just written on all their faces. For that I kind of applaud them. It didn’t stop the “girl in the comic book store” feeling I had, but I think that’s just something I’ll get over once I play a few more FNMs there.

Also people in midtown are really super chill. The pizza dudes at the place I got dinner from were really cheerful and curious about my cards cos I was sorting through my deck while I waited for my food and the Sbux people told me to say hi to the storeowner for them. Super cute!!  WHat a nice little neighborhood.

Fucking hell remember when I used to draw on this blog yeah me neither.

First off I want to say I’m okay and thank you everyone for your kind words and support. I’m kind of getting used to breakdowns now which is a little worrying but HARDER BETTER FASTER STRONGER etc!! Still, getting all that support from tumblr and rl friends was really great and I don’t think I would’ve gotten through it without the encouragement I got from people. So thank you thank you and again thank you for saving me once again. School went by great today and it just reminds me that I can probably keep doing this for a while.
On the way home today from playing mtg with my buddy Josh I was thinking how cool it would be to have three pitbulls named after the Eldrazi. 
There are some people who go crazy over babies and plan things like showers and baby clothes and girl names and boy names and that’s basically me except with dogs.


HEY YA’LL! If you are going to sakuracon, I will be at table A206 in the Artist Alley section :D Please come visit me and marvel at my array of goods, if not butts muhaha. 

I will be surrounded by a bunch of other talented artistststs, including:
Timco & I am a coy fish - A208
FInni - A307
Fictograph & Sooyun - A305
Korilin/Meltedicecubes - A309
(Trying to add links to everyone but tumblr.. :/)

And some friends KimchiiKawaii @ A513 and Cutekick @ A217 will be selling an abundance of cute crafty things too! Come say Hi to us alllll~

Thankz honeybunches~

I’ll be having a lot of Homestuck freebies there too so swing by!

ALSO IF YOU PLAY MTG COME AND FITE ME. I got an EDH and a Standard deck so come and plaaaaaaaaay

Missing Land Drops: Eifrov!


So, I need to come up with a 1000$ by friday (as in March 15) and it really sucks…

But regardless, I’m going to have to sell magic cards—at deep cuts to their costs to get the money fast enough, so please—if you need these cards and you live in AZ (preferrably Tempe or Phx or Glendale) I am…

Oh look cards! Shiny cards! REALLY COOL CARDS you should take a look even for great victory and stuff

Why would I even need a boyfriend when I have acquired MY HUSBAND #mtg #thedeitiesofdraftsmileduponmetonight. #love #noyoudontunderstand
Hi new followers sorry if you started following me for my art that might be kinda tough at the time being but here I drew you this. 
Planeswalkers with Pigtails. 
Sorry I’m very sorry
So this con season I’m thinking aboud doing some MtG prints. Emailed WotC for the permission stuff so we’ll see how it goes. In any case, here’s one WiP that I’m kind of optimistic about.
I will put these lyrics on the print as well for maximum emotional impact

So this con season I’m thinking aboud doing some MtG prints. Emailed WotC for the permission stuff so we’ll see how it goes. In any case, here’s one WiP that I’m kind of optimistic about.

I will put these lyrics on the print as well for maximum emotional impact