They call me... Tiiiiiiiim~

Check back when I am in a more poignant mood and maybe something interesting will be here then.
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tonight on bad decisions I decided to draw this frankly halfassed but refreshingly fast and rough doodle instead of sleeping early.
Hahaha I remember when sleeping early meant sleeping around… well, now. Good times.
Lol what does it even mean to be on- model.

#art #doodle #original #sunsetboy
Pirate king and queen

#art #doodle #onepiece #op
"Tim you have the libido of a 14 year old"

Ok but this wouldn’t be the case if happy trails weren’t a thing which they are so here I am
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A good looking family #art #doodle #original
Say that earthquake was a serious one and my building fell apart and I basically died in the earthquake. 
Say that did happen. This would be the last thing I’d have drawn before departing this world.
Here lies Tim, purveyor of sororities and fraternities everywhere, for reasons that will remain mystery to this good earth.
….lol jk these are actually more dragons I have two ridgebacks that I’ve decided are the bro and sorority sister of my clan. Ridgebacks are definitely the douches of the dragon world.
Ah yeah!!! I like how this one came out.
more derganz
I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do something cute or something sexy 
so I did something dumb instead lol
Today was a great day because I did nothing but sit at home and draw and dick around on the internet. I have not done that in ages.
I’m glad flight rising is giving me some fodder for like OC’s and stuff.
Glam Rock Dragon has an intense admiration for who I affectionately call my Joseph Gordon Levitt dragon
lol so dumb but so fun
These little assholes don’t even have naaaaaaaaaaames
My Imps had a couple of bebehs!! They look so radically different that I thought they would be awesome as twinsies. I think that’s my schtick on FR- twins! I like twin dragons.
One is super into glam rock and impressing the ladies and dudes with his swagger. He’s all about the heavy eyeliner and #twerkteam
The other is a no-nonsense athlete stuff who likes Onitsuka Tigers and staying in shape
Both of them annoy the shit out of each other but utterly hate it if you mistake them as just friends or not being related because they take their twin status super serial