They call me... Tiiiiiiiim~

Check back when I am in a more poignant mood and maybe something interesting will be here then.
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a;slfjasl d;fja sdf/throws everythng
I can’t even be assed to try to write something cool or eloquent to express my feelings I’m just going to.
Ugh. Fuck everything.
Huh, I suddenly felt like drawing Booster Golllllddddddddd hehe what a babe.
Precious babbu, emotions, feelings, etc.
Hmm very haphazard, the blacks don’t really make a lot of sense but I wanted something loose and energetic. HOpe I got a little of that down.
I’ve just finished the first trade for American Vampire.
I know basically every vampire-related media nowadays claims to either bring vampires back to their horrific roots or “reimagine” them into something fresher than the blood from a papercut, but I’m pretty sure American Vampire is one of the few books that actually legitimizes both of those claims. The writing and concept is straightforward enough. A trip through American history while following the trails of a “new breed” of vampire, etc. It’s a simple concept, but Snyder and King write it vividly. There are tons of incredible nuances that tie into that basic story that make this so satisfying and so fun to read.
And the art? THE ART? Holy FUCKING shit, Rafael Albuquerque draws the SHIT out of this book. I picked up the more recent issues after a friend suggested it, but it’s great to see that his art isn’t any less expressive and stark in the first trade. He. Draw. The. Shit. Out. Of. This. Book.  It makes his run on Blue Beetle look positively stoic. 
Can’t wait to get volume 2. For those who aren’t hugely slow fatasses like I am, volume 3 just came out with Sean Murphy’s run on art. Pretty hard to say no to that, unless, of course, you are a philistine and have no appreciation for wonderful things.
Skinner Sweet in a picture that makes me cry when I look at the book next to me because the art is so fucking good aaauuuuuggggggggggggggggggggggghh
Today I’M DOIN ME.
End of the month, not even going out with a bang ughhhhhh
Some guys think flashy patterns will get them all the chicks. Some artists think flashy crosshatching will get them all the skills. DO you see the correlation here?
When you love somebody till the end of tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime
Ooh Chicago Ooh.
Halfway through sketching something possibly more productive that would have pushed me beyond my comfort zone I decided to be tacky and self indulgent and draw a boy snuggling with his puppet.
Derive comfort from things that bring you, and no one else, comfort. Even if it is a really fucking creepy ventriloquist doll. Do not expect others to understand and do not expect anything to take its place.
ALso I’m falling behind on the sketchadays fuuuuuuuuu
Oh no, I’m late for 1/29’s sketchaday. Crazy hipster girl yesterday didn’t count bluh.
It’s my rooooooooooommmmmm. You can immediately tell which side is mine because you normally can’t see the floor on my side. THis is actually a rather flattering picture and makes it look tidier than it actually is at almost any time.  The more you know.
It’s Never Like This When I’m Sober
Might redo later when I can employ the services of my roomies to act as a live model ahaha
And now for something completely different etc
As a corollary to my initial resolution to draw a sketch a day, I’ve also resolved to try drawing more environments, background sorta things, etc. To start, here’s my living room.
Wings are fucking hard to draw guys just saying. Immense respect for the people who can do them and not make them look like sketchy pieces of structureless shit.
I really like Kingfishers they’re like these cute tiny birds with massive heads that snatch fish straight outta tha wataaaaah. How cool is that! Yeah, my 8-year-old self totally agrees.
Hahaha did you expect me not to squeak some kind of Homosuckery in there? Who do you think I am, an artist with restraint and self-respect? Come on.