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Lambent World: Ranting and update.


Okay, tomorrow my mother’s going in for full knee replacement surgery. I’m worried out of my mind because when she returns she’ll be unable to walk until about two months after. She has to pay for an at home physical therapist after staying int he hospital for 3-4 days, to help her and we’re…

I know my signal boosting power is scant at most, but if you’re a Homestuck fan, please read about Lambency’s situation and spread the word.  If anything, just let people know that she is, in fact, the current official merchant of  Homestuck troll horns.  Or even just send her some nice emails and good vibes!  I can’t even begin to describe how disappointed I am with Hussie and Rachel for handling a professional relationship so poorly, and especially with someone who is desperately in need of all the help they can get, but obviously any attempts to fix that is falling on deaf ears or something.  So for now, please just give her your support and kind thoughts. She deserves every bit of love she can get!

Also she makes incredible fudge ;A;