They call me... Tiiiiiiiim~

Check back when I am in a more poignant mood and maybe something interesting will be here then.
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And these!!!! Oh my god I’m so excited for these!!!!!!!! They’re gonna be those screen wipes you can use for your phone and they attach in the earphone jack and WOOOOOOOO!!!!
Man I felt so freakin happy while I was drawing this. Maybe it was the snow. Maybe it was Earthbound nostalgia. EITHER WAY I am just pleased as punch god I love snow I love drawing snow snow snow snow it is the best it is my happy place
Wow school is kicking my ass. So this is what being a teacher is like……………………..
anyway so I might go on hiatus ish if anything my updates will be increasingly less frequent as my life will be preoccupied with school, school-school, and wooing that cute boy in my class until he spirals hopelessly in love with me making that cute guy laugh a lot. But here’s a drawing of the Earthbound kids. I tried to make them look a little weirder/more quirky. Except for Ness some reason. i think I could’ve made him uglier hahahaa.
Stay chill dudebros and see you when I see you.
Painting is difficult for me and my attempts are abysmal. I really just don’t think I have the patience for it aughhh
Late-night Paula yay
Remember that time when I completely forgot my settings for a partner image to this oh yeah me too oh well.
I can never draw Jeff exactly as nebbish and awkward-looking as I want him to look but oh well.
Ahh Paula and Ness so cute
I have this silly universe in my head where the Earthbound kids grow up to go to college and are all really smart and productive and great and basically typical college students. They’re involved in school activities and have good grades and hang out with each other when they can. Being the good and likable kids they are, they do not flyer for their respective clubs on campus.
Ness goes to Cal
Paula goes to Stanford
Jeff goes to MIT but interns at a lab at Cal or CalTech or something.
Poo also goes to Cal as a foreign student studying abroad.
Weapon of choice: Long, blunt objects
Gosh wow I really don’t know how to use Photoshop anymore.