They call me... Tiiiiiiiim~

Check back when I am in a more poignant mood and maybe something interesting will be here then.
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All these Tees, all for mees

TMI Tuesday, ask me stuff

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vaerinex said: Babe <3

Hi, y-you too

sweats nervously

Incredible suspense
And then
Don’t eat the fish.


  1. iamthespacecadet answered: I was gonna say- if you want a true bro don’t get two of them. If you want them to just look at mostly then two is fine.

Yeah, that’s what I’ve read, but I’ll be gone most of the day so I don’t want it to get lonely/bored/destructive/problematic. I know I could keep the TV on and set an alarm for music and stuff, but I don’t know if it’ll be enough to substitute actual interactions? Someone fact check me on this.

A plus to having one alone is that I will marathon Bob’s Burger’s for it and maybe it will pick up Linda’s “ALL RIIIIIGHT~

rustypolished said: lovebirds are REALLY LOUD and REALLY SHRILL i had one for 5 years before I moved. I loved him but he was reALLY loud. Love birds also chew EVERYTHING which means they basically bite uncontrollably even tho it’s not in aggression

I’ve heard about this too, but I’ll be at home with them mostly in the evenings so hopefully that won’t be a huge issue? Also the roomies will be out most of the day too, and I’ve read that they sleep mostly at night so hopefully their noise level won’t be a problem. Are they slightly more quiet when they have a pal?

Tyty for the input so far!

Birb time!!!

I’m almost 100% committed to buying a pair of lovebirds in the coming weeks.

Any advice? Suggestions? Input?

What if I started writing a novel

What would it be about? Probably a wistful romance about a waylaid millenial. It would probably also be about anime conventions.  It might veer into magical realism.  First person would be easiest, but I would also like to avoid that for some reason, despite how impersonal third person is. 

How do you even write a novel. 

How do you even start something like this. 

Meditative emotional shit

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I feel like I’ve gone through this particular experience too many times.

It’s time to move onto something better. 

“If you can’t like Captain America anymore because he’s black, there’s a word for that.”

—   Dean Trippe