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Anonymous said: You may be a slut but you're actually likable.

Hahhh I don’t know how to respond to this but. 



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Hoverhand is also eternally hilarious

Say that earthquake was a serious one and my building fell apart and I basically died in the earthquake. 
Say that did happen. This would be the last thing I’d have drawn before departing this world.
Here lies Tim, purveyor of sororities and fraternities everywhere, for reasons that will remain mystery to this good earth.
….lol jk these are actually more dragons I have two ridgebacks that I’ve decided are the bro and sorority sister of my clan. Ridgebacks are definitely the douches of the dragon world.

6.1 Earthquake from American Canyon, CA. Here's our report


We're alive!!!




If we died


I wouldn't have been able to call my parents ;_;


And I hadn't gotten tacos




I would've had so many regrets

Ah yeah!!! I like how this one came out.
more derganz

Anonymous said: getting kinda tired about how butthurt white women get about white men dating asian women, i usually let it slide but today WAS THE LAST STRAW!

This ask has been sitting in my inbox for the last week and I just don’t know how to respond to it so I’m posting it for all to see and admire

there are some asks you just can’t find a witty response for

Anonymous said: Oh lord. How freely are we talking here? Does your father know that?

I believe the esteemed Nicki Minaj put it in the best terms

Fuck who you want and fuck who you like

no end in sight

…. uh.

twinkle twinkle little star

sorry I get frekin riled up about art theft and assholes being fucking entitled to work that isn’t even theirs so I will probably shitpost about that if I see it on my dash.

like seriously art thieves and stuff are the scum of the earth so you can bet your pie hole I’m gonna write long angry posts about that shit